Workplace Behavior

Employers Control

Employees are the assets that play important role in achieving the aims and objectives of the company. At the same time, employers are also responsible for providing suitable remuneration to employees in order to motivate them for better performance. There are certain rules and regulations that employers should be able to exert over employees when they are away from the workplace. Employees do not have right to reveal any confidential information about the company after the working hours (Zhou, 2008). Moreover, employees cannot reveal information of the company during the working hours as well. Wal-Mart is the company in which, employers put some control over employees after the working hours.

Similarly, it is important for the employers to make a distinction between company time and private lives. Employees should also aware about the various health risks and engage in risky behavior that indirectly harms the working environment of the organizations. Wal-Mart has developed certain rules such as employees do not have right to do business with another company simultaneously. Employees should give efforts for achieving the aims and objectives of the company in an effective manner (Brown, 2008). There are some practices that are prohibited such as it is illegal for an employer to discriminate against any employee on the basis of behavior away from working hours. The employer should not have any right to collect information about the off-duty behavior of the employees. All these factors will be useful in making healthier working conditions and provide efficient services to customers.

Control of Government Entities

Government has the right to control the misleading behavior of the people in order to protect the social environment. People are not allowed to do any illegal activities that indirectly harm the people within the society. Some of the government regulations are prohibiting illegal activities, avoiding employee discrimination, taking alcohol at the workplace and revealing confidential information (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2009). People are not allowed to conduct any illegal activities, when they are away from the office. The government will take action in against of illegal activities and provide a healthy working environment. Some employees make discrimination among individuals due to the cultural differences.

Discrimination on the basis of culture, values and beliefs, is prohibited by the government. Companies have to adopt the diversified employees in order to give efficient product and services to the customers. The government also conducts market research in order to analyze the behavior of employees. Employees are also not allowed to have alcohol at the workplace. Such kind of behavior affects the working conditions of the organization and also disrupts the working conditions. It is necessary for the employees to follow the rules and regulations of the government (Graham, 2008).

The government will take action for changing the human behavior and provide efficient services to the customers. Insider trading is also not allowed within the company. It is because it reveals the confidential information of the company and affects the overall growth. Interference of government will be helpful for the company in managing the overall activities and developing people behavior (Crawford & Loyd, 2008).


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