dealing with stress in clinical setting

Nursing students are the one who experience higher level of stress than any other students in other health science. The clinical part of the nursing generates more stress on students as compare to theoretical part. The common causes of the stress in nursing students include the fear of unknown events, equipment, practice gap, fear of making mistake and communication with staff. According to nursing assignment help Australia Stress can result into the diseases, change in poor health, and withdrawal of students from the program. Nursing students cannot avoid these stress, but it is necessary for them to cope with them, if they are unable to do so these affects their health, performance, attitude and role satisfaction as a nurse.

Active confrontation with stress:

Some of the students actively confront the stressful situation and try to deal with the situation, to control stress.

  • Developing professional aptitude: One of the main reason of the stress is feeling on the lack of knowledge and skill, students must try to develop their knowledge and skills through various methods. Participants must develop their knowledge and skill via direct experience, observation of others, consulting with teachers, staff, seniors and other classmates to become proficient in procedure and patient care. One must ask practical questions from nurses and theoretical questions from university educators so get University Assignment Help . To develop skill one must learn from their peers. In order to cope better the environmental stress upgrade their practical skills, so they develop theoretical knowledge as well.
  • Correct wrong intervention: One of the other reason for stress is a wrong intervention for patients, students must try to prevent any type of harm to patients by correcting their mistake, so as to be relaxed and have peace of mind. For example: While inserting a cannula, if one entered it into the artery by mistake, then took out the cannula and put a sterile pad on the spot put a pressure on it. Correcting the mistake and doing the best and fastest intervention reduces stress.
  • Reflect the Situations: One must analyses the stressful situation, by thinking and mental rehearsal of the measures taken during the same. Two of the reason for reflecting on stressful situation are; for analyze of the stress situation and for the mental rehearsal of the correct nursing care to process and prevent the error. To cope with these situation one must sit somewhere quiet and analyze the situation, identify things that which must have being done but didn’t, this subsequent have a better performance.

Control the mind and body:

To cope with the stress the students must use mental activities such as: deviation and stop thinking, realism and positive thinking .One must also use techniques to decrease the physiological symptoms, realizing emotion and praying to control their body and mind

  • Divert the mind: One must be engaged with something else, diverting the mind from stressful subject or stop thinking is the best to cope with the situations which gives stress. Students must be relaxed and calm down and take the help of other sources such as entertainment, reading books and magazine, going on the tour. This ultimately divert their mind and they feel relaxed.
  • Be positive: Positive thinking or repeating the positive sentence must be used to cope with the stress. One must believe in themselves that they will do better from others and this will help in reducing their stress.
  • Engage yourself by doing your favorite activity: One can distract their thoughts by doing their most favorite activity. Have fun with friend and family this can reduce the stress. Students must engaged in different activities such as cooking, playing, swimming, spending time with their loved ones or else the activities in which they are most interested.

Avoid the stressful situation:

One must use these below strategies to avoid the stressful situation:

  • Ignore stressful situation: This is the most effective strategy to avoid the stressful situation and try to ignore the situation. Ignoring the situations help students to prevent it from a stress.
  • Never give up: In this situations when they are out of control students think of giving up to prevent it from the stress. So in this situation one must not give up, be relaxed and calm down and continue to practice.