Scholarships Guide For Australia Universities


The purpose of the report is to analyze the scholarship guidelines for the universities of Australia. The scholarship programs of top Australian universities and the government are analyzed in order to identify the existing schemes used by them to provide scholarship to the students.


Scholarship is a financial support offered by the education institutions, government, private and public organizations to the students. The purpose behind the provision of scholarship is to support the student financially in studies in Australia. The major scholarship programs provided by the government of Australia to international students include Australia Awards, Destination Australia, Research Training Program by Australian Government, and Australia APEC Women in Research Fellowship. Many of these scholarships are available for all nationalities students. However, the conditions for the scholarships are set by the organization or institutions which are providing the scholarship (Studyinaustralia, 2019).

The basic guidelines for applying for scholarship in Australia

Getting involved with the local community

Some of the international scholarships are provided on the basis of performance in academics but there are some scholarships which are provided to the students on the basis of their active participation in their community. The participation may include sports teams, local clubs, volunteer work, and activities which demonstrates engagement and leadership. It is significant to mention such participation in the cover letter as these are taken into consideration while providing financial or academic scholarships by the universities.

Asking for help

The application of scholarship is extremely important and therefore special attention shall be paid to errors, spelling mistakes, and unclear presentation of the ideas because it will directly impact the acceptance and rejection of the application. For instance, if English is not the first language of the candidate then the application shall be spell checked or proof read by the teacher to ensure it is correctly written.

Following the criteria

Applying for scholarship involves a lot of items which is to be included along with the application. Therefore, it is important to make sure that everything which is required shall be checked properly before submitting the application. These items include personal statement, employment history, and proof of English level. It is also important to submit these documents before the deadline passes.

Do not apply for just one scholarship

It is recommended to apply for as many scholarships as possible. The applications shall not be limited to certain institution or university unless it is specifically decided to take admission in a particular university or institution. This will maximize the chances of getting the sponsorship (Ideaboard, 2019).

Organization specific guidelines for scholarships

There are organization and universities which follows their own specific guidelines for providing scholarships to the students. The details of these guidelines for some of the organizations and universities are as follows:

Country Education Foundation of Australia

It is a chain of 40 local foundations spread across Australia and works for assisting school leaver in assessing further training and education. The foundation also invests in the future of regional and rural communities. The foundation provides assistance to the students through local grants program. In order to apply for grant by CEF, According to Assignment Help Sydney he candidate is required to apply in the local CEF foundation of the candidate’s area. The local foundation then awards the grant and manages it if it is successful. The grants provided by CEF are non-cash and instead reimburses the expenses related to education. These grants include expenses on text book, petrol, work equipment, transport, computers, accommodation, and internet access.


The eligibility criteria of provision of grants are set on the basis of financial needs and not on the basis of academic success. There are 4 essential requirements to be eligible for the grants:

  • Age should be between 16 and 25.
  • The financials needs is well demonstrated
  • Either the candidate has attended the school covered under the region of CEF or is currently living in that region.
  • The commitment for goal achievement shall be well demonstrated.

Time for application

Applications are generally available during the second half of the year but there are separate considerations for each committee. The applicants which are shortlisted are called for interview which is done with the local committee. Once the interview is cleared, grants are allocated for chosen training or course.

Process for application

  • The eligibility criteria shall be met first
  • Creation of profile for saving and reviewing application
  • Attaching the supporting documents or scanned photographs with the form
  • Taking action on receiving revert on the application through email
  • Attending interview with the local CEF committee after being shortlisted (Cef, 2019).

Australia National University (ANU)

ANU is dedicated in providing scholarships for different types of support such as tuition fees, accommodation, and transport etc to domestic as well as international students at all study level and area of interest. The selection criteria are based on financial hardship, academic merit, elite athlete, indigenous, and disability. One of the scholarship programs run by the ANU for indigenous people is Garrurru Undergraduate Indigenous Scholarship. The details of this program are as follows:


This program is valid for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Islanders people. This scholarship program provides $15000 annually to the recipients that can be used for supporting different purposes of studies such as textbook, transportation, accommodation, course fees, childcare, and other associated costs. The study field under this program includes Asian studies, study of international security, Pacific studies, and Pacific and Asian languages.


The following eligibility criteria apply to the program:

  • The student shall be identified as descent of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.
  • The student who can potentially demonstrate excellence in academic merit.
  • Student must be enrolled in courses offered by the ANU College of Asia and Pacific.
  • An ATAR of 95.00 or higher shall be achieved by the applicant in the year post to receiving scholarship.


  • On the basis of previous performance in academics
  • Response to the questions in the application of ASA in context of scholarship such as how their career aspiration will be met through scholarship

Procedure for application

  • ASA application shall be used for applying for admission
  • Choosing the eligible scholarship
  • Answering all scholarship related questions in the ASA application
  • Providing details such as name, contact information, and reference (Ana, 2019)


It can be concluded that Australia offers many scholarship programs to local and international students for supporting their academic and financial needs. However, each organization or university has a separate criteria or guideline for providing scholarships to students. The eligibility criteria and guidelines are mandatory to be followed by students to receive the scholarships.