Place to study in Australia


The purpose of this article is to evaluate whether Australia is a good place to study or not. In order to evaluate this, different aspects of studying in this country are analyzed. These aspects included the education system of Australia, accessibility of visa to apply for a course in Australia, cost of studying in Australia, availability of internships, and living conditions such as food and environment.

Article: Is Australia a good place to study

The education system of Australia

Australia is a renowned nation for quality education due to the persistence of its worldwide popular universities namely, University of Queensland, University of Melbourne, and University of Sydney. These are specialized for medical and research education programs. The other universities and colleges in Australia have designed programs through which students from all over the world can study in Australia (Eacott, 2017). The programs include housing and tuition fee. However, the expenses of all universities are not same and vary differently. Most of the universities have exchange programs for studying in abroad and they have tie ups with schools in another counties. So, the schools in different countries send their students directly to the universities and the overall process becomes cheaper and easier this way. Moreover, English is spoken in Australia due to which communication becomes easy as English is commonly spoken in many other nations as well (Syder and Pawley, 2014).

Accessibility of visa to apply for a course in Australia,

It is bit easy to get student visa for Australia as compared to any other country in the world. The Overseas Student Program enables many foreign students to pursue study courses in Australia. According to Accounting Assignment Help Before that it is important to fulfill the official documentation and requirements in get the visa. There is a process which is required to be followed to get admission in the university or college of Australia which includes the following:

  • Firstly, a confirmation of enrollment to study in any Australian university is to be presented for applying student visa for Australia.
  • Secondly, the candidate shall be able to prove that he/she has adequate financial resources to bear the cost of living, studying, and departure to the country.
  • Thirdly, a certificate of English skills shall be presented and the candidate shall make sure that he has liability as well as health insurance (Dicey, 2017).

Cost of studying in Australia

The standard of living in Australia is highest among the other countries in the world. Though, the cost of tuitions and living expenses are low in Australia as compared to the UK and USA (Chapman and Sinning, 2014). Moreover, the students can also work for part time while pursuing their courses which can potentially offset their cost of living. Moreover, students can also get scholarship which can possibly mitigate the overall cost of studying in Australia.

Availability of internship

Students who study in Australia are allowed 20 hours of weekly working during their course of study. This enables students to earn as well as study at the same time and also gain experience in the work in the field of their own interest. Some of the universities in Australia are also offering work placements and internships during their experience of study at abroad (Davies, Dean, and Ball, 2013). For this, the candidate is required to ask with the advisor and learn about the programs of studying abroad. Agencies are also there which enables the helps students in gaining work experience by placing them with companies in Australia itself.

Living conditions such as food and environment

Australia’s location makes it an exotic place for living. The Country is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and beaches. Surfing is also a popular sport in Australia which a student can try. Even one can go for skiing in south-eastern mountains of Australia (Pope, 2017). The quality of food is also exclusive. All kinds of menu are available to the students which could suit their needs. The sea food of Australia is also popular worldwide. The students take have a taste of the delicious sea food available in Australia as well.


Looking at all the perspectives mentioned above it can be concluded that Australia is definitely a good place to study abroad. The universities and colleges of Australia provide high quality of education to the students and are also popular worldwide. The process to get the student visa is also not tedious and can be easily achieved with the fulfillment of few documentations and official requirements. The cost of education is also comparatively low in Australia as compared to other nations. Moreover, the country offers internship so that the students can get work experience during their studies only. The environment and food are also favorable to stay and study.