When exams are near it might stress students which will prevent you from studying. It is obvious for the student to feel stress, tension during exams. But clinging on to it throughout the exams or during the preparation of the exams will stop you from concentrating on your studies. It might happen that whenever you will open books you will start stressing yourself with various questions like will I be able to crack it?  Can I score well? Or will I fail? These questions will create fear in your mind and will increase your stress level and will resist you from focusing. In this article, we will discuss how students can Overcome Exam Stress level and focus on the studies.

Tips to Overcome Exam Stress

Overcome Exam Stress
Overcome Exam Stress
  • Talk – by talking I do not mean that aimlessly talking to friends gossiping but instead just talk something productive and positive that freshen up your mood. It is common that when you talk to others your mood automatically improves as you either get diverted or clear your mind by talking about your thoughts. Sharing the stress with some close friend or family surely reduce it.
  • Don’t compare – everybody has a different story and capacities. Therefore you should not compare your self with others. You should also not listen to all the things of others because it might not be necessary or relevant for you but only for them. Comparing yourself with others only makes you feel low about yourself and will increase your anxiety level.
  • Take breaks – when you start studying don’t study for long hours as it will reduce your interest and focus. You can think of it as if you are thirsty then the first glass of water will satisfy you the most as compared to the second glass of water. In the same way, the utility decreases by drinking more than required. The same way he should not study more than your capacity as it will hinder you from studying effectively and remembering things.



It is really important for the student to overcome exam stress. As stressing yourself will take you nowhere but failure and more anxiety. To gain more knowledge
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