Guide to Harvard Referencing

Guide to Harvard Referencing is generally used by the student to mention the sources from which they have taken the data. There are citations and referencing format which is used by the student in the dissertation research proposal and other research-related assignments. The references are mentioned in the assignment so that the reader can automatically know the sources of the data. Students can take the assignment to help Melbourne for further guidance. This article will discuss guidance for Harvard referencing.

Guide to Harvard Referencing

The Ultimate Guide to Harvard Referencing

  • Citations – when a student takes the idea or quotations of some authors then he needs to who put the name of the author and the year in which the data was published. It is important to give credit to the author and other sources from which the student has taken data otherwise his work will be marked as a plague that has serious consequences. Therefore the student should note down the sources and remember where the citations are needed. Students should also follow the format of the citation as it is different from the format of referencing.
  • Reference list – this list is made at the end of the dissertation research proposal or any other research work. When a student takes data from websites then we can put this source in the reference list. The reference list also covers the sources from where the student has put citations in between the text. It is important to make the reference list that provides a direct link to the source.  Students should also mention if he has taken the data from the newspaper, magazine or any books in the library.


It is important to know how to do citations and referencing in Harvard format when you are doing a dissertation research proposal or any other work which requires citation and referencing. For more details, the student can take Kaplan assignment help.