Findings Section In Research Paper

Writing an amazing research paper includes an effective presentation of relevant and authentic findings and this is the most daunting task for most of the students. If you want to make your research paper unique, you should pay attention to using different strategies than other students in designing and writing the section of findings in the research paper. It can make a significant difference but if you do not know how, just read this blog post.

Writing the Result Section of Research Papers

The result or finding a section of any research paper is simply the section that represents the essential findings of the study derived from the applied methods for gathering and analyzing the information. These results appear third in the section sequence in most of the scientific papers. Here case study assignment help is sharing a few steps that you can effectively apply for writing a finding section of an advanced research paper.

  1. Consider the Guidelines: The first step for writing the result section of any research paper is to consider the guidelines and instructions provided by the targeted journal for authors. Then you should read the research papers in which it has already published particularly similar in topics, methods or results.
  2. Justification of Claims: While writing the research paper, you should remember that your results should justify the claims and conclusions. As you are discussing and interpreting your results in the discussion section, you should make sure that the information you are providing in the section justify your claims.
  3. Insert Tables And Figures: You can include both texts and illustrations in your result section. By presenting the data in such a way, you can make it easier for your readers to quickly look at your results. You can structure the result section with tables and figures and summarize the results of your analysis.


If you want professional guidance to help you in writing the finding section of your research paper, nursing assignment help can help you. Remember the result section of your paper deals with providing all the data from your study. So, it can be the shortest part of your paper but these tips can help you nail this part.