Devices to Write an Impressive Essay

Devices to Write an Impressive Essay: A literary assignment is a type of essay which is used to express thoughts and share information with others. The literary analysis used to capture the writer’s interest. It gives a big idea or theme of the book you have read. A literary device is a technique used to make your writing lively, easy to understand, and entertaining.

Devices to Write an Impressive Essay

How to Write a Literary Analysis Essay?

To make the essay effective or interesting we should follow some points to make essays excellent.

There are some points we should remember during the writing:

  • Content
  • Focus on topic
  • Collect evidence
  • Write an outline


To make an impressive essay we should always concentrate on content that we are writing. Contents are the group of sentences so that makes your sentences easy and attractive. If you write good sentences that would be easy for others to understand.

To write content we should follow:

  • We should use an image related to the contents that help to understand each paragraph easily.
  • During the writing, we should manage the length of character and styles of the sentences.

Focus on the topic

To write a topic we use our thoughts to share our knowledge with others that should be related to the topic. And make sure that the information you are sharing is used after analysis of any topic. You should always focus on your topic to write usable and impressive content. The paragraph which is writing by you should be related to the topic. Content or topics should be matched to match to each other.

Collect evidence

You should collect facts, expressions, or other evidence to make reasonable conclusions. You should have enough material about the topic to make a better conclusion. You should make notes while reading otherwise get High-Quality Assignment Help in Australia by Australian Ph.D. Writers.

Write an outline

Writing an outline is the most important part of the writing process. We should get lots of ideas by the author to write an outline.

 There are some points to create an outline:

  • You should use the thesis statement at the beginning.
  • You should use supporting ideas for each point.
  • You should use the theme in capital letters (A,B, C,etc.).

There are two commonly known literary devices:

  • Simile
  • Metaphor


Simile plays an important role in comparison or showing similarities between two things.


It is duffer from simile because metaphor shows hidden similarities between two things.


According to Marketing Assignment HelpThe literary analysis provides lots of ideas to write a good essay by following the above points. So that to the impressive essay above explained points will help you. If the writer follows these steps then they can easily make interesting and attractive essays.