skills that will help you in your career


Personality traits sometimes relate to entrepreneurial competence and entrepreneurial interests of an individual. In this context, the following article has been designed with an objective to provide a brief yet useful understanding of the key parenting skills that can help an individual in his/her career. For the purpose, this article will review at least ten such parenting skills which actually play a significant role in improving and enhancing the career of an individual. For career oriented individuals who want to remain a step ahead in their professional life, it is very important to know what the most wanted skills are in today’s workplace, which can be learnt from parenting.

10 Parenting Skills that help in Career

1. Time management

One of the important parenting skill is time management. When an individual becomes a parent, it becomes vital for him/her for being on time. Since parenthood involves managing and taking care of kid, even a 5 minute late can spoil the routine (Silva, and Carneiro, 2018). This skill is quite useful in career because it makes an individual professional and punctual. It makes an individual an efficient machine.

2. Multitasking

Parenthood makes an individual able to do multiple tasks at a time. This is because when an individual has kids running around, he/she automatically does more than one tasks at once. This skill is crucial to enhance that individual’s career in the sense that he/she develops an ability to perform various things simultaneously without getting frustrated. As a result, his/her productivity and effectiveness increase.   

3. Working as part of a team

Parenthood involves leading a family when a new little member is added. The individuals therefore, need to ensure they are all on the same side, and putting efforts towards taking extra of kids and meeting their demands. This parenting skill is very important in professional life as well, when all the members of a project team work hard to attain the same goal (Hintermair et al., 2018).

4. Staying positive

When an individual becomes a parent, he/she has to deal with different mood swings of their kids. A smiling face and positive response in managing kids is another important parenting skill which is welcomed in the professional life as well. By keeping a positive attitude in the workplace welcomes high energy and productivity for the individual.

5. Patience

Parenthood teaches patience (Hutchings, and Williams, 2019) . When there are kids who need everything instantly, their happiness lies in the ability of parents to keep calm. This parenting skill is important for an individual to deal with workplace tensions and arguments effectively.\

6. Effective Communication

Being a parent involves an open communication with the children on regular basis so as to know and meet their wants. Similarly, this effective communication is important in professional lives to share thoughts and ideas with managers, and listen to the subordinates’ queries.

7. Problem Solving

Dealing with children teaches problem solving skills in the parents. Since parents are the only one who understand their children, they make decisions that are right (Zahedani et al., 2016). This parenting skill is quite useful in workplace as well in order to understand everyone’s interest and keep the team united.

8. Ability to plan, organize and prioritize work

A successful parenting depends on the ability of an individual to plan, organize, and prioritize things according to the children’s routine. This skill is critical for advancing a career as it makes an individual disciplined, efficient, and valuable among colleagues.

9. Management skills

Parenthood teaches parents important life lessons related to duty, cooperation, and control, by increasing their household responsibilities (Barto et al., 2015). This skill is equally important for an individual to grow and advance his/her career. It increases the job opportunities and performance of an individual, which helps him/her to become successful in professional life.

10. Tactfulness

Parenthood teaches tactfulness as the parents have to create a right environment for their kids and think before they speak. This skill is also necessary at workplace while dealing with different personalities so as to find a new way to complete a piece of work without making enemies.


From the above article, it can be concluded that  work and parenthood lie in the same sentence. Parenthood develops a lot many skills in the individuals, which play an important role in their professional life. Skills like management skills, problem solving skills, patience, working as team, and optimistic attitude get automatically developed in parenting. The application of such skills in workplace can significantly contribute towards the growth of one’s career.


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